Katie O’Grady is a performance driven director who specializes in narrative storytelling.

About Katie

Based in Los Angeles, Emmy winning Director Katie O’Grady brings over two decades of diverse experience to the table. Having embraced multiple positions on film sets — from directing and acting to producing and screenwriting. Her directorial style is characterized by a relentless pursuit of authenticity and a deep focus on scripts that prioritize performance.

She demonstrates a remarkable aptitude for innovative problem-solving as she guides her crew and talent on an authentic voyage where dedication to craft merges seamlessly with a heartfelt love for storytelling.

When not immersed in her craft, you can catch Katie indulging in the eclectic culinary scene of LA, particularly relishing tacos paired with a spicy margarita!

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The Work

Behind the camera, Katie’s passion goes beyond effective communication; it’s about fostering vibrant collaboration with actors. She revels in creating an atmosphere where performers feel empowered to infuse authenticity and captivation into every scene.

With her hands-on approach, she ensures that each character’s story weaves effortlessly with the script, crafting not just films, but unforgettable experiences anchored in remarkable performances.



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