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Rid of Me

TRAILER – 1.5 min

Narrative Feature Film 
1.5 hrs

RID OF ME is a scathing black comedy of embarrassment. The film charts the emotional breakdown and rebirth of a woman ripe for self-discovery.

IMDB Reviewer –

Rid of Me is an experience. Be prepared to cringe, laugh and maybe cry, because Katie O’Grady makes this journey devastatingly real. As Meris, she conjures the realization of our worst fears and insecurities and demonstrates the graceless and mortifying path back to redemption. There’s no romanticizing the painful detours a life can take in this film and there’s really nothing tidy and formulaic about it.

Definitely something different. And me, I love this stuff. As gut-wrenching as it was to watch at times, it was also full of quirky characters and well-timed comic relief.

Good stuff!



"Mean Girls for Adults. Few recent movies are as darkly funny."

Steven ZeitchikLA Times

"Bracingly Original"

John AndersonVariety

"Cheerfully obscene, hip and wickedly funny."

Erica AbeelHuffington Post